Assorted links XVI
Progress and preservation in IDA
A corrected model suggests climate change interventions may be within a factor of two of direct cash transfers
The Economic Lives of the Poor
Assorted links XV
The reliability of moral judgments: A survey and systematic(ish) review
Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of GiveWell's top charity rankings
Sensitivity analysis of GiveWell's cost-effectiveness analysis
Uncertainty analysis of GiveWell's cost-effectiveness analysis
Conditioning in causal graphs
Instrumental variables on causal graphs
Flip it and reverse it
Assorted links XIV
Baby's first graphical causal models
Critiques and claims regarding Evidence-based Policy
Optimism, regret and indifference
YAAS evidence-based policy
Assorted links XIII
Assorted links XII
Priority decisions
Dominated decisions
Assorted links XI
Anthropological enumerations
Pigouvian compendium
Assorted Links X
Gas taxes for thee, but not for me
Assorted links IX
Anthropological clickbait
YAAS social norms
The curse of the altruistic voter
Assorted links VIII
Clickbait from Norms in the Wild
YAAS epistemology
Shilling for Anki
Assorted Links VII
The moral imperative and mortal peril of maximizing
A non-exhaustive list of putative problems with ignorant priors
Ideal theory and decision theory
YAAS human cognitive architecture and learning
Assorted links VI
An example of the lazy approach to AI safety
False dichotomies and the ideal theory debate
Lee Kuan Yew—Deity or dude?
Exemplar's curse—Now with 80% more math!
The Exemplar's Curse and Singapore
Is development easy? The Singapore Story
Assorted links V
Ideal theory in the shadow realm
Ideal theory as calibration
Utopia and an infinitude of secretaries
How not to write a book
Deposition schemes
Mo money, mo problems—autocrat remix
Standalone–Value of information calculator
Value of information calculator
Inclusive and extractive societies each have structural advantages
Preference utilitarianism—psychological or metaphysical? III
Preference utilitarianism—psychological or metaphysical? II
Preference utilitarianism—psychological or metaphysical? I
Assorted links IV
In praise of principal-agent problems
Autocrats can accelerate growth through cooperation
Minor blessings of a god emperor
Hot takes—The Moral Limits of Markets
Summary—The Moral Limits of Markets
Doning with the devil
Assorted links III
Putting-out with smartphones II
Ethics as well-order
Standalone–Build your own von Neumann–Morgenstern utility function
Build your own von Neumann–Morgenstern utility function
Pareto improvement as partial order
Putting-out with smartphones I
YAAS Reading: Most of us read with our eyes and our brains
A visual intuition for the instrumental argument for equality
Notebook–A visual intuition for the instrumental argument for equality
Meta Monday
Assorted links II
Some things which are and aren't Pareto optimal
Innocuous and invidious majoritarian tyrannies
Self-flagellation Friday
Assorted links I
A lazy approach to AI safety
The scarcity of cooperatives
Graph of contents
Toward an alternative bibliometric
On casual futurism
Choose your own exposition
A quorum alternative

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