Assorted links XII

  1. Ganbreeder
Catfish Spider owl Chimp bear
  1. On the number and size of nations

This paper studies the equilibrium determination of the number of political jurisdictions […] . We focus on the trade off between the benefits of large jurisdictions in terms of economies of scale and the costs of heterogeneity of large and diverse populations.

The model they use is grievously unrealistic, but it’s a question I’d long been idly interested in.

  1. Is the Public Willing to Pay to Help Fix Climate Change?

Fifty-eight percent of those who think climate change is happening support a carbon tax, while 62 percent of those who do not accept that climate change is taking place oppose a carbon tax.

Support for a carbon tax is generally higher once told how the funds would be used.

Provides some extra context on Gas taxes for thee, but not for me.

  1. Ten things more inequitable than road pricing

Any time we charge a positive price for anything, the cost of paying that price is a higher burden on the poor than it is on the rich. It takes a special combination of myopia and tunnel vision to look at the prospect of congestion pricing anything other than a minor blip on a system of transportation finance that is systematically unfair to the poor and those who don’t own (or can’t afford) car.

Good rebuttal to a common objection to Pigouvian taxes as discussed here.

  1. Predicting the Replicability of Social Science Lab Experiments and Can machines determine the credibility of research claims? The Center for Open Science joins a new DARPA program to find out